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We bring a wealth of knowledge on local communities, current market conditions, and the home buying and selling process. We strive to provide exceptional service every step of the way, so I can provide you with a real estate experience that exceeds your expectations.

Local Expertise
You need someone who knows this area inside and out! We can work with you to find the right home at the right price for you, including all the neighborhood amenities that matter.

Selling Your Home
When it's time to move, you need someone who markets your home, knows how to find the right buyer, negotiate on your behalf, oversee the inspections, handle all necessary paperwork and supervise the closing. I take care of everything you need, from start to close.

Timing Is Everything
Whether you are looking for a new home or thinking about selling your current home, call me today. I will put my expertise to work to provide you guidance and advice on what you need to know to make the best possible decision for your real estate needs.

Two Agents for One
The benefit of working with married agents is you get 2 for the price of 1!  Not to mention we've been a successfully team raising 3 children for nearly 20 years.   

About Us 

Thank you for taking the time to meet with us regarding your Real Estate needs. We wanted to give you a little bit of information and background on us and how we became Real Estate Agents with Tierra Antigua Realty. 

Our journey began in 2002 when we met at Club Congress where we worked together in the hospitality industry. We were friends before we started dating and in 2003, we were married in Catalina, AZ.  In 2004, Neal graduated with his Bachelor’s degree in MIS and we moved to Phoenix and Neal worked in the insurance industry and Crista worked as a social worker. During the 4 years we lived in Phoenix, we had two children, bought and sold our first home, and had 4 dogs, one of which was a junk yard dog that followed Crista to work one day. Her name was Lola and she turned out to be the best dog ever!

In 2014, we decided to move to a very small town in Pennsylvania called Cambridge Springs because we needed a different environment for our family. Neal started working with his uncle building and repairing old timber beam barns. While Neal was learning and mastering working with his hands and mind, Crista went to school and received her Master’s in Education and Nursing. 

When we moved to PA, we lived in an old farmhouse that was built in the 1850’s. It was a very drafty and needed to be given a lot of love and tenderness. By the time we finished and moved back to Arizona, our house went through a major renovation. We removed and relocated our staircase that included a giant tree trunk within its design, we put timber beams throughout the house as accents, we expanded our one and only bathroom, and added a new roof pitch. It was a huge endeavor and labor of love, but it was well worth it to make our home feel our own. Then, astonishingly, we found ourselves pregnant with our third child at the age of 39 and wanted to be closer to family. So, we moved back to Tucson, leaving our new home for our forever home in the desert. 

Neal is currently working in AI and Crista works for the University of Arizona as a Counselor. We have held various jobs over the last 20 years and have been fortunate the path led us to where we are today. However, we wanted to do something else that would help us create more of a lasting affect within our community, so we decided real estate was the perfect choice.  Crista loved to look at houses, she loved to imagine what it was like in other people’s worlds when she was walking our 3 dogs. We loved attending open houses and seeing what we could change in the houses we visited or what worked well so we could imitate it at our own home. Nevertheless, instead of being on the sidelines in the real estate community, we decided to get our realty licenses together and put some stake in the game. Neal getting his license in 2019 and Crista in 2021.
We are both dedicated to meeting your needs, answering questions, explaining the processes, and providing you with a wonderful and harmonious experience. We look forward to working with you and wish to support you during this new and exciting venture!

All our best, 

Crista and Neal Meinke

Tierra Antigua Realty

We are dedicated to providing exceptional service. Our associates offer a wealth of knowledge on local communities, current market conditions, and the process of selling or buying a home.

We look forward to providing you with a real estate experience that exceeds your expectations.

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